Health is a human right. Shannon aims to empower individuals on their journey towards optimal well-being through an individualised holistic approach utilising different treatments, including herbal medicine, nutrition, supplements,  holistic counselings and lifestyle interventions. Shannon also endeavours to educate clients about their condition and the right dietary and lifestyle choice for them.

My passionate drive is attained largely through the administration of complementary medicine and sharing of invaluable knowledge of the art and wisdom of science and nature. 

experience & achievements

Endeavour College Shannon Chafkin is a degree qualified Sydney Naturopath.  

ATMS -  Student Award for Excellence in Academic and Clinical practice (2015)


Integria Health Care ( MediHerb/Eagle/Thompsons/Thursday Plantation) - Product Development Manager 

FX Medicine - Online content writer 

Vogue Australia  - Online content writer 'Wellbeing forum'


Bioceuticals - Product Development & Research assistant : 2015-2017

Bioceuticals - Partook in the first generation Product development & Research Internship program in CAM ( 2014 )

Orchard St - Dispensary assistant : 2013-2016



Personal Journey - 


The cornerstone of any method of healing is the individualized approach . . . nutrition will bring you health, energy and well-being.
— James D'Adamo


Membership / Associations:

Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA) 

Naturopaths Without Borders (NWB)

Hands on Health (HOH)