Shannon Chafkin is a degree qualified Sydney Naturopath.  

Consultations focus on uncovering the underlying cause of your health issues and providing safe, effective and evidence based natural solutions to balance the body’s intricate systems for optimal health.

Areas of speciality include:

  • Chronic Illness & Auto-immune disease
  • Gut/Digestive health
  • Detoxification & Liver disease
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Stress, fatigue and Insomnia
  • Preconception, Pregnancy & Post-conception





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Fees apply to ALL  Face to FacePhone and or Skype consultations.

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Initial Consultation (90 mins - $160) 

The initial consultation will include a review of your case history and relevant blood tests. During this consultation a treatment plan will be developed and clearly explained to you. The treatment plan will include diet & lifestyle advice and any supplements & herbal medicines that you will benefit from. Any additional testing that may be required will also be discussed at the initial appointment.


Follow up consultations (30 mins - $70)

The follow up consultation is designed to assess your progress, refine your treatment plan, offer advice and support and address any further issues you may have.